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Hello fitness ladies!

How are you all doing? I thought I would write a quick note (from work--lots of down time here at the City of Calgary) and let you know what I have been doing fitness-wise and what my basic goals are for the next couple of months.
Uncle Rod, Auntie Carol and I have begun a challenge in the house that has us working out 4 times a week for at least 30 minutes or we have a consequence in the subsequent week! These consequence include terrible cleaning jobs around the house for I think it is 2 hours (cleaning blinds, bathrooms, scrubbing hardwood). We are in week 2 right now and I am really enjoying the motivation it gives me to drag my butt onto their treadmill. It also helps that I have that treadmill with a tv set up in front of it right outside my room. Some days in Calgary I wouldn't be able to make it outside at all (-30 isn't my kind of running weather).
I also have taken up snowshoeing with my friend Shari (who if everything works out by this weekend I will be going to Africa with) and her bf Geir. We went last Saturday for a 6 hour trek...great workout with great scenery! We are going again this week to the same spot because we had such a great day.
One other thing I have just joined is a dodgeball league with Shari and some of her friends from work! I haven't played since highschool, but it should be a lot of fun. I don't know what kind of workout I will get depending on how many people are on the team and how much playing time we all get but I hope it involves A LOT of running. My favorite workouts are the ones where you are having too much fun to realize the burn!

My main goal is to just get active again, feel good about myself and all the while lose between 10-15 pounds. Since returning from NZ I gained some weight and was just feeling crummy about myself. I think it was hard at first being in a new city and not knowing what to get involved in. I don't know what I would do without Shari and Geir. They let me tag along on all of their outings and that has REALLY helped getting me going again. All of my fitness stuff has just begun (2 weeks for all of it) and I know the hardest part for me is consistancy.

I know these goals aren't super specific..more of those will come later (half-marathon goal times, getting back into swimming and hopefully on a bike will come as I get more into it). For now I need to get into a workout routine and go from there :)

Can't wait to hear from you all!!


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Jan. 25th, 2007 07:28 pm (UTC)
so far i think it's just me and you here! i'm not sure if anyone else has been checking the community for posts or not...but i am!

i like the goal of four 30 minute workouts a week OR ELSE idea. it's definately motivating to get started with and i'm sure eventually the exercise four times a week will become a habit! keep it up!

i will try and post something this afternoon once i am back at work! :D
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