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so it's now time for me to write my first post! sorry guys, i've been a little slack in the computer department lately. i've been trying to spend my spare time outside enjoying the summer weather we have finally been having.

goals-wise i haven't set anything but a few short term ones. the main one is to compete the in mountain to surf marathon on march 3rd. andrea and i are going to split it and do half each, so ideally i want to beat my quickest half marathon time for this one. whether it's by a minute or ten minutes, i'll be happy with a personal best time. it's a different half marathon than the other three i have run, with less hills, so i expect that my time will be a bit quicker than the other ones i have done.

my second goal is to try and drop some weight by the trip home in june. since i started eating healthier and exercising more regularly i have dropped 2kgs, which is the equivalent to 4.4pounds. i figure i can afford to lose roughly 10 to 15 pounds to be at a healthier weight. i have been that weight previously and it's when i felt the most energetic and happy with myself.

andrea and i have been focusing on eating well, which is helping with energy levels throughout the day. i've stopped drinking my favourite grande non-fat caramel lattes for a number of reasons, and i think that is helping quite a bit as well. i am grabbing fruit for snacks but still allowing myself treats at random times to avoid binging on crap when i'm hungry.

exercise has been good and consistent over the last two or three weeks. i've been getting out for regular runs and have started kayaking once or twice a week, depending on my schedule. kayaking is a great workout and i think i am going to really enjoy it as i improve. i am keen to start playing squash when i get some spare time and give surfing a shot while it's still warm out here.

and that's me in a nutshell for now! i've just returned home from a 10km run which took me 53 minutes. it was a bit of a challenge as it was still pretty warm out so my heart rate was a bit higher than it should have been for a longer distance run. i felt alright when i finished the last stretch though so i was happy with it!

now that i've updated here i shall go shower! i just wanted to update while i was thinking about it! :)


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